Turning of legs and spindles

  • Any turnings can be replaced and copied from original patterns.
  • Whether wooden handles and knobs for a Davenport to replacing missing spindles to the back of a chaise lounge.
  • Wooden turned buttons and patrea for the top of clocks.
  • Missing bead mouldings and finials.
  • We can copy legs for a chair or a gun barrel column for a Georgian wine table.
  • Putting back original mahogany turned knobs for a Victorian chest of drawers which were changed years ago.
Two columns were turned in walnut for the hood of this longcase clock. They were then fluted and polished to match.
The stretchers to this wheelback windsor chair were turned and replaced.
The front leg to this armchair was turned and replaced, as the old one had succombed to woodworm. The original cup castor was re-used.
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