Restoration of barometers, barographs & chronometers

  • All work for stick, marine and banjo barometers is provided. Cleaning and refilling mercury tubes.
  • Replacement of glass tubes and thermometers. All case work repaired and French polished.
  • Setting up to calibrate pressure carried out.
  • Re-silvering of dials and vernier scales, putting back the blackened engraving.
  • Supply missing keys, dials, mirrors and carved pediments.
  • Replace missing or broken threads to pulley wheels.
  • Cut rubies to fit chronometers and service movements.
A Victorian barograph after restoration.
A early 19th century mahogany ships chronometer where a new ruby jewel was made for the movement.
Restoration to a George 111 mahogany stick barometer.
Restoration to a George 111 mahogany wheel barometer.
Close up of a Victorian wheel barometer by famous makers Negretti and Zambra.
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