French polishing and oil finishes

  • Heat marks, water stains and scratches removed from the polish.
  • Re-French polishing all types of furniture to match with the original.
  • Cleaning and reviving old finishes with colour washes and antique waxes.
  • Oil finishes and liming pastes applied. Painted furniture, especially in the French style can be re-painted and distressed.
  • Traditional methods of grain filling, pigment colouring and using chemicals to bleach or age and darken woods.
  • It is possible on occasions to carry out some smaller work to items in the clients’ property, please ask on arrangements.
  • We have also re-polished stocks and butts to shotguns and rifles as well as musical instruments.
  • Oak and other hardwoods can be limed and waxed to show off the white enhanced grain of the wood. 
  • We have re-polished wooden interior panels to several classic cars.
Re-polished shotgun stocks and butts.
Before and after restoration, showing the re-polishing of a mahogany Georgian dining table.
Before and after restoration, showing the re-polishing of a mahogany pie crust George 111 wine table.
The cleaning and reviving of the existing polish to a pair of William 1V mahogany hall chairs.
Before and after. Showing the re-polishing of a Gordon Russell sideboard which was damaged from overexposure to the sun light. A mahogany and rosewood two door sideboard with double helix carved inlay designed for the Festival of Britain 1951.
The re-polishing of an extending oak dining table designed and manufactured by Gillows.
Showing a mahogany extending winder Victorian dining table after being re-polished.
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