Objects with artistic merit and value

  •  Over the years we have been asked if it is at all possible to restore items that fall into a category we call objet d’art.
  • We have successfully restored many items from horn snuff boxes to fragile Indian paper elephants.
  • Some bronze statues that have been damaged and Napoleonic prisoner of war artefacts.
  • We have also converted period wall sconces into light fittings without damaging them and being able to return them back into wall sconces.  
  • A clarinet from Acker Bilks collection was converted into a floor lamp with a Tiffany glass style lamp shade for a private client.
  • There are many treen items, boxes and even coffins that have passed through the workshop all requiring restoration of some kind or another.
Restoration to a very fragile Indian paper elephant where the top section had been damaged.
The restoration to a Scottish spinning wheel.
Acker Bilks clarinet converted into a lamp with a Tiffany style shade. All of which had to be reversible and the clarinet un-damaged.
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