Caning and rushing

  • Replacing missing cane and rushing to all furniture.
  • Whether it be modern cords or French woven rush.
  • Canning comes in different thicknesses so as to match with very fine French chairs or to the classic six and four way designs.
  • Different patterns and styles of various cord, rush and cane can be achieved to match with the originals.
  • Medallions to chair backs supported by sunburst caning.
  • Open weave cane and blind canning done, all priced as per hole to the framework.
  • Large Bergere suites of double canning to the single bedroom chair.
  • All types of seat weaving can be done.
  • Modern caned sheet panels to chair seats and screens.
  • Repairs and re-colouring of Lloyd loom furniture.
  • Danish cord and traditional sea grass also available.
Danish cored back repaired for bentwood carver chair.
The seat was replaced with fibre cord which had to match the rest of a set
A Georgian spindle back dining chair after the seat was replaced with traditional rush.
A pair of Edwardian Beregere chairs that have been re-caned as per the originals.
A William 1V mahogany medallion back chair. The canning to the back has been replaced.
A pair of rush seated oak elbow chairs by Gillows. The rush to the seats had worn away and has been replaced.
Rush seated Victorian child's chair which has had a new seat.
A 1800 childs correctional chair designed by Astley Cooper with a new canned seat in the tradition pattern.
Thonet bentwood chair No 20 with new caned seat.
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