Inlays and Decoration

  • Inlay work of numerous materials including Boulle and Contra Boulle
  • brass / ivory / tortoiseshell / mother of pearl / horn / silver / shells
  • Repairs and replacement of all types of inlay, other than wood veneers, into furniture or clock cases.
  • We have worked with pewter, silver, gold, bone, shagreen, ivory, brass, mother of pearl, abalone shell and horn.
  • Pietre dure, the technique of inlaying mosaic precious and semi-precious  stones into usually ebony.
  • We can incorporate many materials that were traditionally used as inlays in the same styles as the originals.
  • Many of these inlays are also hand engraved and dyed coloured to enhance the beauty of the object.
  • We have also repaired and stabilised table tops which have been inlaid with butterfly wings to produce a stunning colourful pattern.
The interior of a coromandal Anglo Indian box, the compartments and lid are inlaid with ivory, silver, ebony and exotic veneers. The ivory is engraved and etched in black and red ink. The box had suffered from shrinkage, lots of the inlay was missing.
A Regency Rosewood and brass inlaid Tea Caddy. The Boulle work was all lifting and had to be secured.
A Napoleon 111 French card table. Many hours of work was involved to replace all the missing brass and ebony to this beautiful table.
A rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid chinese cabinet. Replacement to sections of mother of pearl and hand engrave them.
A French mantle clock covered in ormolu and inlaid with brass and tortoiseshell with red vermillion as a background. Fully restored case and movement.
A restored tortoiseshell and pewter inlaid tea caddy.
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